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~ COVID-19 ~


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"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933

First New Deal 1933 - 1934  * Second New Deal 1935 - 1936

Are you refusing to wear a simple mask?


Jan. 27, 2020 - Washington State - First US COVID-19 Patient!

One Month Later - US Passes 100,000 COVID cases and had 19 Deaths!

Today - March 1, 2022 the Total Deaths around the World = 5,981,088

  •         United States 976,204 - Deaths Per Million 2,920.84

  •         Europe 1,758,669 - Deaths Per Million 2,017.573

* * Click here for the Current Up To Date Listing in Each Region or Country * *

* * * Interactive Map * * *

* * * * Thank You President Trump * * * *
Your leadership on how to revise vaccine development and distribution resulted in breaking every vaccine development record in the books and saved Millions!

  • March 2, 2020 - First meeting was held with the drug companies to devise the plan to develop and distribution a worldwide Covid-19 vaccine ASAP!

  • December 8 - 2020 - The United Kingdome started to rollout the proven Covid-19 Vaccine!

  • December 13, 2020 - The USA started shipping the Covid-19 vaccine to locations all around America!

To our followers who have negatively commented on the above "Thank You President Trump" posting.

We appreciate your comments, BUT, please click here to see what the world is saying

As we indicated with the above "what the world is saying" link, portions of the American news media got it wrong.  Consequently, it's time to start taking that news media with a grain of salt and do your own in-depth research.  Once the facts are known, we are sure the attacking of each other will stop and we will once more become civil and respectful of and to each other. 

To help civil respect to grow - please click the below photo link, chili and enjoy.  By doing so, hopefully this will help bring back how respectful of each other we all were!

Even though we have the vaccine, we must stress - you are still your family's FIRST and LAST line of defense and the below is still our near future reality.

Click Former First Lady Melania Trump's photo to hear her COVID-19 Message.  March 19, 2020

Click the late Kenny Rogers' photo to hear "We Are The World",

That now has a new meaning.

April 1, 2020

Click J Lo's photo to hear 

"People" from One World

Together @ Home

April 18, 2020


Where would you be if your ancestors had refused to wear that simple mask 100 years ago?

With COVID-19, Governments CAN NOT keep you safe!

ONLY you can keep your loved ones safe!  The FACTS:

  • If we are lucky, COVID-19 will be impacting us ONLY through early 2021!

  • If we are not lucky - there will be a lot more deaths OR (as is now show up in COVID survivors) years of additional ongoing health issues.

  • The 60 year and up age group is no longer the age group most impacted.  Today, the average age for COVID-19 infections is the 22 to 35 age group. 

Click the below links to see today's COVID-19 unimaginable reality:

“One of the great challenges in this world is to know enough about a subject to think you are right, but not enough about the subject to know you are wrong.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Each and every day, our front-line workers are heroically doing what we asked.  NOTHING IS MORE INSULTING to these heroes than you selfishly putting their lives at risk by ignoring the guidelines!

Click Nurse Vanessa's photo and learn the truth from a front-line nurse hero and how STUPID you are if you do not wear a mask!

Nurse Vanessa and many more like her are volunteering each and every day.  She or one of her other volunteering nurses may be the the last person you will see as a result of your refusal to wear that simple mask!

* Request From A South Africa Viewer *

Please add this video to your website to thank the UK's  National Health Service for  its  dedication from all the family members comforted and lives saved!

   Click photo to see the the Facebook video link. --

When video appears, click "See More" to donate if you can.

* * If the sound does not start, click on the video to activate the sound. * *

United Kingdom's National Health Services - THANK YOU

THANK YOU TO ALL health care workers all over the world!

NOW THE HARD TRUTH - ALL over the world, governments are being forced to make the hard decision to reopening their economies.  In doing so, they know until there is a proven vaccine, COVID-19 will continue to spread, many more will become infected and some will pay the ultimate price.  BUT this is not the first time this type of decision had to be made. 

"If you are going through hell, keep going."

United Kingdom's Prime Minister Winston Churchill - 1943

                                 April 25, 2020


"Can't Take It Anymore"

April 24, 2020

"Nothing Comes Before Someone Else's Life"

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo


Remember, WE asked our front-line workers to continue working SO we could stay safe and protected in our homes.



We are all in this together!

LEARN all you can from ONLY proven and trusted sources.  For instance, the original misleading facts on the "Ventilator Shortage".  The facts are:

That said, ALL of our politicians NOW seem to be working together to protect us ALL and have stopped political posturing!

Click above photo to see reality of

             not wearing a mask.

Click the above photo to see the reality

       of  life as a front line worker. 

Click here to see CA Governor Gavin Newsom News Conference

This COVID-19 crisis is going to challenge our resolve many times before it's all over!

YOU are the first line of defense to keep your loved ones safe and protected.

~ Click the above/below BLUE links or photos to learn the FACTS! ~

~ Follow Social Distancing Guidelines ~

Our governments knows all the facts about the upcoming COVID-19 hurricane that is about to hit America.  As such, it is trying to calmly prepared us for the inevitable.

Click to see - The 4 mild symptoms you should not ignore! 


Click Photo to read

the full facts.


Click the below to see the INEVITABLE our governments were trying to prevent!


  • Northern Italy Lockdown Date - March 8

  • All of Italy Lockdown Date - March 9

Matteo Marchesi

March 18, 2020

Converting an Operating Theater into an Intensive

Care Unit - March 14, 2020



The Queen

April 5, 2020

Second Wave In Europe

July 27, 2020

You MUST Stay Home

November 1, 2020

Stay Alert - Control the Virus -

Save Lives - May 10, 2020

NEW Must Stay At Home Order

December 19, 2020


Covad Instructions

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