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Citizens for a Friendly Airport

This site is dedicated to enforcing Carlsbad's law (Ordinance 21.53.015 and Conditional Use Permit (CUP) 172.  Both together guarantee  before any expansion of the airport can occur, Carlsbad's voting citizens must first approve the proposal.  Furthermore, after the proposal is reviewed by Carlsbad's Planning Commission, the proposal must once more go to Carlsbad voting citzens for a majority approving vote.

Mr. Raymond Bender's Blog

For more than two years, Mr. Bender has been publishing his observations on the lack of transparency by elected public officials.


Point Loma Citizens Community Aircraft Noise Website

San Diego Air Route Forum


NexGen Noise issues now all over the world 

Solana Beach - City Council

CRQ's Helpful Public Links

        File a noise complaint with CRQ


        WebTrak - CRQ's public website to allow for tracking of aircraft.

        This system will provide aircraft type, altitude, tail number and speed.

        NOTE: for security purposes, the system has a 20 minutes delay.


San Diego County Related


        Supervisor Jim Desmond - District 5



        Mr. Roger Griffiths - Director of Airports

        Department of public Works - 619.956.4834

        Fax - 619.956-4801



        Mr. Olivier Brackett - Airport Manager, McClellan-Paloma Airport

        Department of Public Works - 760.431.4646


        Palomar Airport Advisory Committee


        CRQ Master Plan Update

        April 30, 2015 Public Workshop Presentation PDF


Federal Aviation Administration


        Mr. William Sapp - Supervisor/FAA Manager



        Ms. Ann Leonadi

        McClellan-Palomar FAA Tower Manger


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