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Airport (CRQ) Expansion 


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It's ALL About TOMORROW's CRQ Airport; NOT TODAY's CRQ Airport.

That occasional convenient flight will equal a lot more noise and tons more pollution -24/7!

It's ALL about you, your children and your children's children health and quality of life future.

* Federal Law prevents McClellan-Palomar from imposing a curfew! *

The Facts and Consequences of a McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) Expansion.

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      MASTER PLAN                          EXPAND                           OUR FUTURE                     SAFETY RECORD 

When it comes to OZONE POLLUTION, in 2018,

Carlsbad moved to 6th 
worst city to live on the EPA list  
and remains in the 6th position today!

~ Click above to see the report on the upcoming "Paradigm Shift" in transportation ~

BUT unlike other Cities, States and Countries officialsSan Diego County seems to still prefer slower and highly polluting transportation solutions. 

Get involved before it is too late!

     This fight is going to be long and expensive!

           Click on the  c4fa logo to become involved or donate!

 Click here to read c4fa Press Release on County and Carlsbad "Settlement Agreement"

Need to Know

As the saying goes - "Pay attention to history" - if not, it will repeat itself!

ALL over the country, the writing is on the wall; all WE have to do is read it!




* * * Important Truths about CRQ Airport you may not know! * * *


  • Federal Law prevents McClellan-Palomar from imposing a curfew!

  • How to submit a aircraft noise complaint - by phone call (760) 431-4646 or via the web, full instructions can be found by clicking on the following link Submitting Aircraft Noise Complaint.

  • Aircraft Noise is not only aggravating, BUT according to the ACCLP, AMA, CDCEPA and the WHO (Aircraft Section Starts on Page 61), along with so many more worldwide health organizations, they ALL state:

            "Aircraft Engine Exhaust Pollution Impacts Children's Health, Your

             Health and Life Span."

  • Jet Aircraft Exhaust = Tons and Tons of Airborne Cancer Causing Pollutants!

  • Propeller Aircraft Exhaust = Tons and Tons of Airborne Lead Pollutants!

  • December 16, 2015 - Supervisor Bill Horn "I, I think this is a big huge commercial driver here and I think we are planning an airport here for, if not 50 years, may 100."

  • October 10, 2018 - San Diego County Board of Supervisor Meeting indicated

       CRQ will become a 24/7 "Reliever Airport" for San Diego International Airport.

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