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Tesla Energy

Solar Tile V3 Roof and Powerwall 2+ Installation

Our Solar Tile Roof

9.88 kW Peak Output
Solar Tile Layout

The white rectangles are the location of the solar tiles.

On July 1, 2021 Solar Roof and Powerwalls both or each qualify for:
   - 26% Federal Tax Credit for
     the Next Two Years
   - 25% California Battery
     Rebate until the CA SGIP**
     Rebate budget runs out on
     or before 2024.

Check with your tax advisor for the latest tax info.

Powerwall 2+

Click the below video links to learn more about Tesla's Solar Tile & Powerwall solution.

Click Photo to see Tesla's Powerwall 2 Owners Manual PDF

Note: Before you can turn your solar system on, you are required to receive a Permit To Operate (PTO) from your utility company.

Thus far and on one peak sunny day, our solar tile roof system recorded 10.2kW output.  That said, the normal peak output is 6.4 to 9.5kW.  That is more than enough power to keep our system generating all the power needed including sending approximately 30 to 50% of our solar generated power back to the grid. 

Our Solar System's Cell Phone Screens

Only 72% to power our whole house through the night with NO AC . 

Excess generated power automatically sent to the grid.

Recharging Powerwalls

From Tesla's Website on July 1, 2021

Tesla Tax Info

* Powerwall is designed to qualify for the Federal Tax Credit when it is installed on an existing or new solar system and is charged 100% with solar energy.  It does not qualify when installed without solar or if solar is installed after Powerwall.  You should always consult your tax professional for your situation.

** To encourage more residential storage deployments in California, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

The SGIP program provides incentives to help reduce the costs of storage to consumers. Residential storage batteries, like the Powerwall, reduce strain on the grid and in turn help reduce the need to build expensive fossil fuel-fired power plants.  Learn more about the California Self-Generation Incentive Program.

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