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Review of Our Install

First let me say we love our Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall installation, but getting here was an unbelievable painful journey.  Furthermore, based on recent YouTube posting, a journey Tesla seems to have not yet solved.

When we signed the contract with Tesla, we expected our Solar Roof would be up and running within 4 to 6 week.  BUT, the installation required a unbelievable 16 weeks to complete!

Our Tesla installation journey started on March 4, 2021 and did not end until June 15, 2021 when all work was completed and we were finally ready to go live.  BUT before we could go live - we needed our power company's (SDG&E) finial Permission To Operate (PTO) certificate.  That required another 2 weeks before we could flip the switch and go live.  Consequently, our planned 4 to 6 week project lasted a total of 16 weeks.

All that time was an extremely frustrating time for my family.  Calls were made to our Tesla representative about when will the Tesla crew come back and complete this installation.  Theses calls where mostly ignored week on end.   

But as it turns out, Tesla's lack of customer coordinating still seems to be a general
complaint today by many of Tesla's solar customers.  For the latest, see the following two links:    December 28, 2021    January 9, 2022

Bottom line, other than the unbelievable painful interruption to our lifestyle during the install process - "We love our Tesla Roof!"  It just works better than we had anticipated!

Would we do it over?  YES - BUT!  Like all business contracts including an installation schedule - based on Tesla's now continually proven track record, that contract must include penalties for any schedule slippage

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* California Self-Powered Incentive Program (SGIP) Explained *
The SPIG Program will rebate a minimum of 25% of the installation cost! 

How to tell if an older Powerwall 2 can be upgraded to a Powerwall 2+ ????
Per Tesla, all Powerwalls produced from around November 2020 and has the Tesla Part Number (TPN) beginning with 3xxxxxx-xx-x can be upgraded to the full Powerwall 2+ specifications.  The upgrade is accomplished via a simple software upgrade.  Click here for latest software updates information.

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