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"What's the problem, the airport was here first?"

 A valid question, unless all the facts are consider and the following question is asked.

~ Who decided to take away Carlsbad's right to VOTE on any airport expansion? ~


~ Carlsbad citizens' right to vote has been ignored. ~

Click CUP 172 OR The Ordinance above to see the details on Ordinance 21.53.015 and CUP 172.

Words have meaning

It's what did the words mean to the people who ratified the Bill of Right or ratified the Constitution, as opposed to today, would like.

Antonin Gregory Scalia,

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Justice Scalia also stated the above in a more direct way:

             Words have meaning, and their meaning doesn't change.

Fact regarding the County and Carlsbad's understanding at the time of negotiation of Carlsbad's annexation of McClellan-Palomar airport property was based in part on the county's F-6 policy at the time.   F-6 stated “Permits shall be secured from any incorporated city in the county within which county projects or construction is to be carried on.”

The above fact and video is most telling in that the majority of today's Carlsbad City Council Members do not know that Ordinance 21.53.015 and CUP 172 was based on the laws and policy of that time and designed to prevent the airport from EVER expanding beyond the Small General Aviation Airport it was in 1980.


Most disturbing is - rather than researching the historical fact and vigorously enforce the Ordinance 21.53.015 and CUP 172 as the historical facts require, today's Council elected to sign a toothless settlement agreement with the County of San Diego.  By that action, it allows the airport to expand into a FULL commercial C/D-III JET airport as was approved by San Diego Board of Supervisors on October 10, 2018.


FYI - a 737 is a C-III aircraft.


When the Council asked why it signed the agreement, the answer was for "a seat at the table" OR "we are no worse off " than before we filed the lawsuit.  Fact:

  • The seat at the table is a non-voting seat at the table.

  • "No worse off than before..." only means the City still needs to sue the County as it did before it settled.


Bottom line - now the agreement has been approved and signed by the City Council - the City has given away powers that would have strengthen any future lawsuit. 

The most disturbing aspect of the above facts is citizens of Carlsbad knew these facts and attempts were made starting in 2015 to inform Mayor Hall, Council Member K. Blackburn, M. Schumacher and L. Wood the strong position Carlsbad had regarding the airport; but, Council Member Wood was the only Council Member who paid attention.  Mayor Hall, Council Member K. Blackburn and M. Schumacher listened but did absolutely nothing to prevent the progress of the county and its plan to expand the airport.


Lastly, Council Member Packard, "on the advice of his council" refused to meet.   "On the advice of his council", he refused to meet on the most important matter facing Carlsbad future.


This was unbelievable.  The above begs the question - what is happening here? ~


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