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~ CUP 172 ~

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1979 - The Carlsbad citizens filed an initiative petition to limit Palomar Airport growth.  The City passed  CUP 172 and Ordinance 21.53.015 to comply with the initiative and gave its citizens the right to vote on any expansion of the airport.  From 1980 to 2000, San Diego County complied with the terms of both CUP 172 and the Ordinance.  Then sometime after 2000, San Diego County evidently decided it no longer needed to comply with Carlsbad citizens' right to be consulted on what happens at its airport.













In checking the the above article, sometime around 2002, the CRQ's airport classification changed.  According to the airport authority, CRQ's classification changed from a General Aviation Basic Transportation Airport to a Commercial Service-Primary Airport.  That is a clear violation of CUP 172 - Conditions -  Item 11, and Ordinance 21.53.015.


~ The Carlsbad citizens' right to vote has been ignored. ~

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US – no new airports but big investment in existing facilities


In North America there is a clear dichotomy between infrastructure enhancements at existing airports and the construction of new ones. While there have been one or two new regional secondary level airports constructed in the United States during the last five years (for example at Branson, Missouri and the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport at Panama City), along with several conversions from general aviation use (e.g. the McClellan–Palomar Airport near San Diego, California) the last primary airport constructed was at Denver back in 1995.

Cup 172

CUP 172

~ Carlsbad citizens' right to vote has been ignored. ~

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