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Fiduciary Responsibity

* * Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, Vista and San Marcos' Future * *

No airport expansion

Quality of Life Second to None

With airport expansion

Declining Property Values and Quality of Life

We the People  insist on the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from our elected officials.

The price of freedom

is eternal vigilance.

        Thomas Jefferson

Half a truth is

often a great lie.

         Benjamin Franklin

When in America was it decided that a government entity has the right to

to put its interest ahead of that of the public's health and safety? 

With CUP 172 and Ordinance 21.53.015, Carlsbad has options most airport communities do not have. 

Why are Carlsbad Officials not acting to protect its citizens?

From 2000 to the end of 2017, McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) will have received approximately 52,500 aircraft noise complaints.  According to the White House Department of Commerce, for each complaint 26 others are impacted, but do not complain.  That means a total of 1,365,000 households with approximately more than 3,000,000 airport surrounding communities citizens have been adversely impacted by the same CRQ aircraft noise complaints.​


When the PAAC/CRQ was asked what it does with the complaints, the answer was "We archive them.  We are only interested in the trending information."

The County of San Diego's (County) latest airport expansion plans are now finally confirming what the citizens of Carlsbad and surrounding communities have predicted for years - the County is trying to turn CRQ into a mini John Wayne (SAN) airport.


Why are Carlsbad Officials not vigorously objecting?


On December 6, 2018 Carlsbad filed a lawsuit against San Diego County in an attempt to force the County to redo the Environment Impact Report (EIR) documentation and start the EIR process all over.  BUT at this time we are not seeing any effort to stop the planned expansion of the McClellan-Palomar Airport.  WHY?


Carlsbad zip codes are some of the most affluent in North County.  Expanding CRQ into a mini John Wayne Airport, directly in the center of these zip codes, will destroy Carlsbad's cherished quality of lifestyle, citizens health and tax base.

All over this country, citizens are picketing and suing the FAA because of the additional aircraft noise created by the new FAA NextGEN system that changes the aircraft flight paths.

Let's see:

Millions of Americans all over this country are upset by the unbelievable increase in aircraft noise created by the FAA's NexGEN system's new flight patterns and Congress seems unable to require the FAA to correct the issues.  Given that fact, Carlsbad officials have no objection to the County expanding CRQ into a mini John Wayne Airport with all the increased aircraft noise, traffic congestion, greenhouse gas pollution, etc.

Design Class Link

One Gulfstream G650 business jet produces 176.93 lbs of greenhouse gases per minute.  A 3,000 lb automobile produces 0.7 lb of greenhouse gases per mile.  It is estimated between the preflight checklist, taxiing and takeoff, the G650 requires at least ten (10) minutes to clear Carlsbad's air space.  Therefore, the G650 produces and leaves 1,769.3 lbs of greenhouse gas in Carlsbad.  That is equivalent to 2,528 (3,000 lb) automobiles driving one (1) mile.


In 2016, the County/CRQ stated it was surprised to learn 6,000 C/D-III aircraft are now using the airport. If they were all G650 type aircraft, that would equate to 10,615,800 lbs or 4,815.26 Metric Tons of greenhouse gases being deposited in Carlsbad.  (One Metric Ton = 2,204.62 lbs)


How many 3,000 lb automobiles driving one (1) mile would be required to produce 10,615,800 lbs of greenhouse gas?  The answer is 15,165,429 automobiles or 2,528 automobiles for every one G650 taking off from CRQ.

Not included in the above pollution numbers is the pollution from:

  • The other 140,000 or more aircraft that used CRQ annually

  • The projected ten (10) new 100 or more passenger jet per day expected with the longer runway and airport expansion.

  • Ten (10) million or more annual ground transportation vehicles needed to support the projected 2,000 passengers perday


If the new passenger jets run their engines for only 10 minutes in Carlsbad airspace, they will produce approximately 1,061,157 lbs extra greenhouse gases per day with a total of 387,322,339 lbs (175,687 Metric tons) of extra greenhouse gases produced annually.


It gets worse! 


2018 - the American Lung Association released its nationwide Air Pollution Study and Carlsbad was listed as #6 out of 228 in Ozone Pollution.  In the 2015 study, Carlsbad was #35.

Let's see:

  1. In 2016, CRQ is only FAA certified to handle B-II aircraft, BUT the County of San Diego is surprised that 6,000 C/D-III jets are now using CRQ.  Who's kidding who???

  2. In 2018, Carlsbad's ozone levels rose to #6 Worst City out of 228 highest in the nation!  In 2015 Carlsbad was #35!


Given ALL the previous facts, there is no debating Carlsbad and its surrounding communities air quality will be greatly and negatively impacted by the planed expansion of CRQ.


Why are Carlsbad Officials staying so quite on the CRQ expansion and

not enforcing CUP 172 and Ordinance 21.53.015????


Carlsbad Officials have a fiduciary responsibilty to protect their citizen's health!  

Albert Einstein:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 

BUT WAIT, there's more - a lot, lot, lot more.

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