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North  County's Quality of Life Decline After an Airport Expansion

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If City Officials Do Not Start To Act To Stop The Airport Expansion - North County's Clean and Healthy Environment, Public Safety and a Peaceful Quality of Lifestyle Will Disappear! 

Today's Growing Tax Revenues Will Be The First To Be Impacted


Year-after-year, Tourism, Hotel Tax and Sales Tax will continue to drop because of the airport noise.  Vacationers will use the airport, but quickly depart to their new quiet vacation spots outside of Carlsbad.  After the initial drop - the Property Tax revenues will decline less quickly, but will continue to decline as a result of the airport noise and congestion.

Most cities plan the impacted areas (more noise and more pollution) around an airport will be mostly industrial buildings.  Like most cities, Carlsbad did plan industrial buildings around the airport, but the city planning was for a small-plane General Aviation Airport that existed — not a full blown Commercial Service-Primary Airport that the County is evidently now planning.


The effect of such a large airport will be devastating to Carlsbad's quality of life, property values and its tourism industry.  The resulting impact will be less and less tax revenues (year after year), more aircraft noise and more pollution.


Carlsbad has built itself into one of the premier cities in the country with a combination of both quiet high-end destination resorts at the same time a quite family entertainment destination, all centered around golf and the beach.  All that will soon begin to disappear when the larger jets start flying in and out CRQ - think of the noise generated hourly by Orange County's John Wayne Airport.  Compound that with, according to the FAA, the airspace around the airport is its domain.  As Phoenix has recently found out, that means the aircraft will have free reign to fly wherever it pleases all in the name of safety.


Carlsbad elected officials must finally act to protect Carlsbad and all of North County residents.


Based on the County's April 30, 2015, McClellan-Palomar Airport Master Plan Update Meeting and the information divulged in that meeting, Carlsbad's elected officials now have the legal authority to act with the power the Conditional Use Permit 172 (CUP 172) and Ordinance 21.53.015 provide.  If the officials remain silent, Carlsbad's future looks bleak, especially when you consider the following:


  • Residential Property Devaluation

  • Business Property Devaluation

  • Lower Tax Revenues

  • Lower Hotel Occupancy

  • Lower Sales Tax Revenues

  • A Lot More Jet Engine Noise Over All Of Carlsbad

  • A Lot More Pollution

  • Children's Health In Jeopardy

  • Proven Children Attention Span In Jeopardy

  • Proven Test Scores Falling

  • Cost Required To Build All The Supporting Infrastructure Required Outside Of the Airport To Support The Airports Expansion

  • More Traffic and More Congestion

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