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~ NextGen ~

NextGen is the new FAA "Air Traffic Control System" to allow planes to fly closer together.  It is presently being installed at major airports around the country.  The rollout has identified a number of flaws in the system and caused considerable noise objections from the communities where NextGen has thus far been installed.


In addition to planes flying closer together, NextGen is designed to reduce congestion on the runway.  This is accomplished by allowing planes to takeoff faster because the previous plane turns out of the takeoff path sooner; hence, all the complaints about noise over neighborhoods where plane never flew over in the past.


Netgen was activated in late 2015 in San Diego International (SAN) and  John Wayne Airport (SNA).   In 2017, NexGEN was partially activate at CRQ.  The below chart shows the increase in aircraft noise complaints as a result of the NextGen revised flight paths.


 Most of the public's SAN noise complaints in 2015 from were from residents of Point Loma.  Today, the noise complaints are from all areas within a 14 mile radius of the airport.  That is as far North as La Jolla and as far East as Rancho San Diego.  Here is just one of the 10's of thousand SAN complaint filed in 2018:

April 21, 2018

"Beautiful day. FAA ruined any chance of sitting out in the backyard. Or having windows and doors open. I live in Rancho San Diego for Pete's sake! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR JETS ALL DAY LONG!"

 In November 2017, Orange County, the owner of John Wayne airport, file a lawsuit against the FAA as a result of the increasing number of noise complaint from changes of flight paths into John Wayne Airport.

Prediction already coming true

This PHX TV session was recorded on April 16, 2015.  Since this and other meetings, the May 1st date mentioned has been postponed to give Senator John McCain a chance to intervene, one more time, with the FAA.  Senator McCain's  attempts to get the FAA to work Phoenix on resolving this issue failed and Phoenix sued the FAA. 

This above statistic is typical of complaints from all over the country where NextGen is installed.  Flights paths have changed and the public is being ignored by the FAA.


Phoenix 2016

~ Phoenix's problem will be Carlsbad's problem when the new County CRQ Master Plan is implamented ~


After the CRQ County Workshop #3 presentation, it's obvious the County and the FAA are now considering a redesign of CRQ that will include larger and larger business and commercial jets.  With NextGen, these jets will be flying over ALL of Carlsbad.   


As is shown in the PHX TV session above, NextGen has created a tremendous amount of flight path noise issues ALL around the country.  If the issues with NextGen are not corrected, aircraft will no longer need to go out over the ocean before making the turn to the east.  Like Phoenix, aircraft will be flying right over downtown Carlsbad, Carlsbad's beaches and ALL OVER CARLSBAD - a lot more than they are today and the noise complaints will continue to increase.

This could be North County's future

Presented to Mayor Hall on February 12, 2015

Now think about the additional noise levels when the larger aircraft take off West to East over Vista, San Marcos and Escondido. 

Like shown above, planes will be landing and taking off right over Carlsbad beaches.

What will that do to the tourist industry?

March 14, 2015 - SkyWest landing from the West and taking off  East.

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