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Graidlock Around San Diego Airport September 2011 

Excerpt from a September 9, 2014, "hand delivered" package to Mayor Hall, each Carlsbad Council Member, Carlsbad City Manager and Carlsbad City Attorney.  Mayor Hall has elected to wait until the county's new Airport Master Plan is available to review before deciding the city's course of action.


The unaddressed cost to support more than 3 Million passengers per year. 


  • Increased pollution, from larger aircraft and the dramatically increased ground transportation needed to support 3 Million or more passengers.  How will that allow Carlsbad to comply with California AB 32 - mandating Carlsbad will reduce greenhouse emissions to 1990 levels?


  • Increased traffic delays and gridlock around the airport in the middle of Carlsbad.  The fact is, just like it was reported on KSUI over the Labor Day weekend — San Diego airport not only experienced traffic delays, but full gridlock with no traffic moving period.  Consider, San Diego airport is not in the middle of Carlsbad's affluent residential areas.


  • Airport parking improvements required - both on-site and off-site


  • Rental Car storage and parking improvements required


  • Cost of city infrastructure improvements


























  • Cost to the public for health issues already documented for years around busy airports

  • Loss of Carlsbad's community lifestyle - the theme of the 2014 State of the City introduction video, follow on presentations and Q&A's


  • Cost to the public for better home sound insulation.


  • Cost to the public for A/C additions to homes.  Homes that have always had the option to not have A/C and just leave the windows open.  To support that statement, 2009, Bill Horn stated regarding the new airport terminal and its open breezy atmosphere, "...this is Carlsbad, you don't even turn on your A/C, just open the windows."


10 Mill

The above chart will be updated when more is known on which option San Diego County elects for expanding the airport.

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