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San Diego County

CRQ has projected as many as 3,270,633 annual passengers could fly out of CRQ


The August 2, 2011, San Diego County Airport Study projected 3,270,633 annual passengers.


Today - the number count is approximately 100,000 passengers. 

3 Mill Passengers

It is reported, since 2004:


"...the county has spent tax dollars to quietly expand the airport to get it ready to reclassifying it into a Class III classification airport."

Why was the new 2009 terminal constructed with "I" beam construction to just support a flat roof?  Was it so it would be ready to support a future second floor?


The terminal construction looks remarkably similar to construction of the new 2 story Pacific Trails Middle School

Today the corner of El Camino Real and Palomar Airport Road is already overly congested at certain time of the day.  Think of the traffic nightmare and pollution created with an extra 10,000,000 annual cars, rental/parking lot shuttle buses and airport/aircraft support trucks all needed to support the 3,270,633 passengers!


With the extra aircraft and ground infrastructure needed to support 3,270,633 passengers per year, how will Carlsbad meet the restrictions of AB 32?

2Nd Floor
2nd Story

Is this a look into the future new second story terminal at CRQ?

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