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~ HYPERLOOP and Self-Driving Transportation ~

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H y p er l o o p

Transportation Technologies

The paradigm shift in "High Speed" transportation is happening NOW!

HISTORY: 1994, North County Transit District (NCTD) and Metropolitan Transit District (MTS) purchased the 60 miles of coastal rail line from Santa Fe Railway.  That should mean the public already owns that 60 mile right-of-way.  Consequently, there is an option to construct a Hyperloop parallel to or over the present rail system.  This would allow the cost per mile to construct a Hyperloop system from Oceanside to San Diego to be greatly reduced and most of the regulation hurdles would be eliminated.

If that option is not feasible, the public also owns the right-of-way on all the freeway systems; therefore, the same cost savings would exist if it is decided to build a Hyperloop on or over the freeways.

* * Timeline for start of operational Hyperloop and Flying Taxi systems 2025 to 2030. * * 

San Diego County's reasons to expand CRQ are no longer valid!

(Click above to see Report)

Contact your San Diego County Board Member and your City Council Members & ask them to justify:

  1. WHY is saving time driving to San Diego International still a reason to expand McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ)?  That complaint has already been solved - see below - Carlsbad to San Diego in 9 min.

  2. WHY is the County pushing to extend the runway after California Pacific Airlines announced it does not need the runway to be extended for it to fly from CRQ to Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Cabo San Lucas, with up to 15 flights per day starting in September 2018?

  3. WHY, with Point 1 and 2, is San Diego County planning to spend $30 to $300 million on expanding CRQ to benefit a select few business jet owners?  This airport expansion is guaranteed to produce much more aircraft noise and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) pollution - impacting the health and quality of life of all the airport surrounding communities residents.  Not to mention the expansion will create more congestion on all roads of those surrounding communities, creating more GHG pollution!

  4. WHY is the County not waiting for the far superior, less costly and pollution free solutions now on the horizon?  Those solution would benefit ALL of its citizens by not impacting their health and would improve their quality of life.  Additionally, this same solutions would reduce congestion on local roads and freeways.  A WIN - WIN and all financed by a Public Private Partnership.

Ask Board of Supervisors

2021 Electric Plane Update

Nov. 9, 2021 - Virgin Hyperloop to transport 200 million passengers by 2040
Sept 30, 2021 - Transcend’s New VTOL Just Got a Powerful Makeover
                            500-mile range and 410-mph top speed
Aug 10, 2021 - LILIUM 5 Generation  including noise levels

2021 Hyperloop Update

2021 Flying Cars/Air Taxi Update

2018 to 2020 Videos

Hyperloop Explained | The B1M

Carlsbad to San Diego = 9 minutes

Carlsbad to Los Angeles = 14 minutes

Carlsbad to Las Vegas = 32 minutes

Carlsbad to San Francisco = 51 minutes

Carlsbad to Salt Lake City = 1hr. 10 min.

Systems now in the "Works or Under Construction"

~ United States ~

Chicago, IL (No longer an active Project)

Dallas, TX

Great Lakes System

Denver, CO

~ The World ~

Abu Dhabi

Saudi Arabia


July 18, 2018 - Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced the signing of an agreement in the People's Republic of China. The agreement was signed by both HyperloopTT and Tongren Transportation & Tourism Investment Group of the People's Republic of China. This is the first hyperloop agreement with China and marks the twelfth agreement for HyperloopTT and the third commercial agreement for HyperloopTT following announcements in Abu Dhabi and Ukraine earlier in 2018. 


The Transportation World's future (including Regional Air Travel) is changing!  BUT, rather than looking into this future, San Diego County seems stuck in the past with its plan to expand McClellan-Palomar Airport!  WHY?

Tax dollars are precious and the County Board of Supervisors has a fiduciary responsibility not to squander those dollars.

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