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Don't get burned by the same flame twice

If the CRQ Airport expansion is not stopped, this is our future.


Carlsbad residents are just starting down the more than twenty five (25) year  journey Santa Monica residents have been fighting.  Once contracts are signed, the journey gets more and more complicated. The citizens of Santa Monica and its surrounding communities had and still are complaining about the noise, pollution and safety issues from the Santa Monica Airport.  There was lots of political talk all the way up to the United States Congress, but no action occurred until the citizens of Santa Monica got organized and voted not to renew the airport lease.

Posted on May 20, 2007

Published on October 2014

First published on May 14, 2012

For the latest on Measures LC since its passing

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BUT WAIT, there's more - a lot, lot, lot more.

Even though the citizens of Santa Monica voted to NOT RENEW the airport lease, the FAA has now sued the city claiming Santa Monica is in violation of the post WWII agreements.  That agreement reverted the airport buildings back to the original land owner — Santa Monica.  But the FAA is now claiming because of the violation, it (FAA) now owns the land.  Click the following link to see Court of Appeals testimony

After a three year legal battle, the FAA lost its claim and agreed the airport will close effective December 31, 2028.   See the "Latest News" link for full the story.

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