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70 to 107 db reading while jet is taking off 

Sound Meter readings - 2.05 miles from the airport. 

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Business jets taking off from CRQ, 2.05 miles away.

Noise reading is up to 107 db.

The above shows today's typical noise as a business jets takes off.   NOTE: this was recorded 2.05 miles from CRQ.

 Dependant of the time of day, the interval between takeoffs could be as little as one per hour or as many as one every 5 to 10 min.

Think about how much more noise and pollution will be created if and when CRQ turns into a full blown commercial airport.

CRQ's Noise Monitor sill not working 


For more than a year, CRQ has informed the PAAC the two (2) sound monitoring stations around the airport were not working.  The reason given was - there is an issue with the Wi-Fi and the equipment was old.  In December of 2014, CRQ informed the PAAC that the monitors had been upgraded and all is working correctly.


Based on the three screen shots below, it appears there is still an issue with the one monitor on the West end of the runway.  The noise monitor location is the "gray" circle in the screenshot.  NOTE: The West end of the runway is an exaggeration, for it is 0.8 miles south of the centerline of the runway and not in the flight path of most aircraft taking off and following the recommended flight path out over the ocean before turning north or south.


That said and based on the activity of the noise monitors at other airports, CRQ's seem to be ineffective and can not be relyed on for any date they have collected.  See LA/Ontario below

LA/Ontario International Airport Noise Monitors


Unlike CRQ's Noise Monitors, Ontairo's are working all the time - aircraft or no aircraft.  The gray circle should be as shown below.  The different colors change dependant on if the aircraft is within FAA sound regulations.  Anything over 80 dB turns the circle red and is reportedly a violation of FAA regulations.


This begs the question (as shown above) why is 107 db being recorded 2.08 miles away from CRQ, if 80 dB is a violation of FAA regulations. That question was ask in 2014, at a PAAC meeting, but nobody could answer it.  Not CRQ nor the PAAC members.  More disturbing is - to date no answer or follow up has been forthcoming. 


The below chart is still the Federal Noise Regulation 

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