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~ Tomorrow's Noise ~


History is the best predictor of our future.

* * If they build it, they will come. * *

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicts air travel will more than double by 2030.

The Federal Commerce Department  -  "For every complaint filed, 26 are not filed."

Noise complaints are increasing all over the country because of the new FAA NextGEN system. 

* More than 180% more Complaints than Q1 of 2015.

Photo by Alison St. John KPBS

Sept. 24, 2013 - Supervisor Bill Horn and Carlsbad's Mayor Matt Hall in support of extending CRQ's 4,897 ft. runnway by 900 feet.

October 2013, Bensenville, IL residents future change forever.

October 2015, residents file a lawsuit claiming the city of Chicago essentially condemned their property without giving them compensation.  The lawsuit seeks to force the city to buy their homes at the fair market value before the new runway went in.

Do not believe the Bensenville's story, click to see the how other communities are now impacted by aircraft noise and pollution, all over the country.

If CRQ's airport expansion and new runway is not stopped, North County's future will be the same, commercial jets landing and taking off all hours of the day and night.

CRQ's projected new FAA's NextGEN landing paths.

Lindbergh Field's approach elevations overlaid over North County's anticipated CRQ approach.

Bressi Ranch

How close to Bressi Ranch?

30 to 35 db reading

Normal backyard background noise.

2.05 miles from the airport.

Reading with small jet is taking off 

2.05 miles from the airport.

70 to 107 db

With the planned 100 passenger commercial jets, what will tomorrow's noise levels be ???

The above HUD Chart is still viable today.

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